One bag packing list for winter in Europe

While my generic packing list is easily adapted for Europe (or anywhere else cold for that matter) if you are struggling with that winter packing list and keeping it to one carry on bag, help is at hand!  Here is my detailed winter packing list for a trip to Europe:

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Europe in the winter:  packing list for Europe in the winter

cardigans on coat hangers

My packing list for Europe in the Spring

I’m always working on ways to refine my packing and work out how to take even less on my travels.  So I’m approaching things a bit differently on my upcoming trip.  It’s early spring and things are still pretty cold so I need to pack warm.  I’ve bought a new bag (a rolling backpack).  It’s much lighter than my old international carry on, but on the downside it’s quite a bit smaller.  So, I need a tight list of multitasking clothing that will take me from a week in London for a work conference, to a weekend in the South of France and four days of walking in the Cinque Terre with perhaps a day trip to posh Portofino.  All that will need to fit into my new, tiny bag.

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cardigans on coat hangers

5 common packing mistakes and how to avoid them

Everyone I know wants to pack less and pack better for their next trip – but so many people think a small, carry on bag as your only luggage is an impossible ask.  Here are 5 of the most common mistakes I see in other people’s bags, and how I avoid them:

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5 common packing mistakes and how to avoid them

The 5 things I can’t live without on the road

Anyone who travels regularly will have their own list of “must take” items that they won’t leave home without. Here are the things I can’t live without on the road (in no particular order):

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The 5 things i can't live without on the road